COVID-19 Volunteer Ideas and Resources

We know that social distancing can cause many Iowans to feel isolated or alone. Volunteering through at-home opportunities or in a virtual or low-risk capacity is a great way to still feel connected with your community and improve your mental health. Time spent volunteering can reduce stress and give you an additional sense of purpose during this uncertain time. There is still a great need for volunteers and we encourage you to find appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Useful links to find opportunities and/or guidance on volunteering during COVID-19

Find COVID-19 related needs:

Search for virtual volunteer opportunities:

Become a Future Ready Iowa E-Mentor:

COVID-19 Resources for Volunteer Iowa Programs and Nonprofits:

Points of Light Global Volunteer Month DIY volunteer ideas:

Virtual Volunteer Bingo Card:

At Home, Virtual and Low-Risk Suggestions

At Home

Create Backpacks/Emergency Food Boxes
DIY Hand Sanitizers and Hand Soaps
Donate Paper Goods (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Disinfectant Wipes)
Make No-Sew T-Shirt Bags
Donate to a Food Pantry or stock a Little Free Library with food
Sew Fabric Face Masks for Local Hospitals and Community Centers


Virtual Sports Coaching or Music Lessons
Virtual Tutoring
Man Iowa Crisis Chat
Pen Pal for Homebound Residents or Residents in Care Facilities
Online Reading Buddies
Host Online Bingo, Board or Card Games

Low Risk

Volunteer to Clean at an Animal Shelter
Deliver Meals or Essential Supplies to Food Pantries, Shelters or Collection Sites
Crisis Hotline Support
Donate Blood or Platelets to local Hospitals and Clinics
Commit to Water and Garden Maintenance at Community Gardens/Parks
Volunteer to Help at Food Bank
Box and Load Food from Grocery Stores
Repackage and Prepackage Boxes of Food to be delivered to at-risk households
Deliver Meals to Senior Citizens and Homebound Residents
Assist homebound neighbors with yard work
Pick up trash along roadways or recreational trails

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